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March 2017

5 Things to Do Before You Leave Your Dog for a Vacation

Mar 23, 2017 3:15 PM

What to do before you leave your dog for a vacation

As much as we all love dog ownership, there a certain times when it can be challenging, like when you need to leave town and your favourite four-legged friend can’t join you.

While you’re away you’ll want them to be as comfortable as possible, and maybe even have a little vacay of their own! It’s wonderful when you have a friend or family member who are willing to step up as dog sitter as their environment will remain familiar.

If not, reaching out to a trusted local dog boarding facility that offers home-style boarding or has a farm or ranch can be also be great option. This is especially easy if your dog has already been acquainted with them through dog walking or dog daycare visits.

Since Spring is here (kind of) and Summer is around the corner (hopefully), here are our top 5 things to do before you leave your dog for that getaway.

1. Plan Ahead

Don’t leave the details of your dog’s care until the last minute. It adds unnecessary stress and may make it tough to source quality care during peak vacation times.

2. Do Your Research

Look for environments that will best suit your pup’s personality. When reaching out to local businesses ask some basic questions like:

  • What the facility is like?
  • How much exercise your will your pup get?
  • How many other dogs will be there?
  • How much individual care they will have?

3. Update Your Dog’s IDs

Make sure your pup’s collar is equipped with your current contact info as well as any municipal registration license that may be needed.

4.  Do What You Can to Alleviate Anxieties

Being away from you can be stressful for pooch. Here’s a few things you can do him to relax:

  • Pack a familiar item such bed, blanket or stuffy.
  • Skip the long good-byes. The more you fret over them when leaving the more likely they are to pick up on that energy.
  • Pick a care option that helps her stay in her normal routines.

5. Prepare a Care Cecklist

You can help your carers by giving them the following information:

  • Your contact info and any emergency contact numbers such as you vet’s office.
  • A specific feeding schedule and any medications needed.
  • Their general exercise routines and household habits like being allowed on furniture or having to sit calmly before heading out the door for a walk.
  • If using a friend or family member as a sitter include a list of toxic foods for dogs.



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