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February 2016

Avoid These Common Toxic Foods for Your Dog

Feb 27, 2016 5:00 AM

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Chances are your dog has a tendency to beg for treats and scruffle around under the dining room table for scraps, and while sometimes they come in handy as a vacuum replacement, there are some foods that our dogs should never consume.

With this is mind, we thought it was a good idea to review which foods are most toxic for dogs. We’ve covered the age-old offenders like chocolate as well as some lesser-known foods that can cause some canine concerns.

Here are the main human foods that can be toxic for your dog:

Various Illustrations of Food Items


Although you may be tempted to share that beer with your K9 companion, alcohol can cause intoxication in dogs too, and this can lead to disorientation, breathing and cardiovascular irregularities as well as a higher than normal acidity.


We’ve all heard this one, chocolate is a no-no for our pups. Theobromine and theophylline found in any chocolate can cause excessive panting, vomiting, diarrhea and potential damage to your dog’s heart and  nervous system.


The effects of caffeine are essentially the same as chocolate, it’s best to avoid anything containing caffeine when it comes to your dog.

Salt and Salty Snacks

Introducing too much salt into your dog’s system can cause dehydration as well as pancreatitis. This goes for additional fat content too.


This is one that not everyone is already aware of. Grapes contain a toxin that can cause severe liver and kidney damage.

Macadamia Nuts

Another one you may not have know about, macadamia nuts contain a toxin that can cause weakness, swollen limbs and damage to your dog’s digestive system.

Onions/Chives and Garlic

In any form, onions are poisonous for dogs. They contain disulfides and sulfoxides that can cause anemia and damage to red blood cells.  

Pitted Fruit

As you may have guessed, any pitted fruit poses the problem of intestinal blockages and enteritis.  

Yeast (on its own or in bread)

Just like in bread, yeast will rise inside your pup’s tummy causing sever bloating, gas and discomfort.

Xylitol - Sugar

Keep any candy, gum or baked treats and goodies away from your dog. Sugars and sugar substitutes can cause seizures and liver failure.


Another lesser-known culprit is avocado. This contains Persin and can induce diarrhea, vomiting and heart congestion.

Raw Fish

Regular consumption of raw fish may result in a vitamin B deficiency in which case seizures and loss of appetite are common.

Milk and Dairy

Dogs are lactose intolerant - in small doses dairy may only cause some seriously smelly farts, in larger quantities however, it can cause loss of appetite and gastro-intestinal discomfort.

Cooked Bones

While raw bones are great for your dog’s nutrition and teeth, the risk in cooked bones is their potential to splinter and cause choking.




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