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January 2017

Cheat Sheet: How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Jan 27, 2017 2:15 PM

If you’re like us, you talk to your dog all the time. We share how our day was and ask them all sorts of questions, almost as if we’re expecting them to reply. I’m sure you’ve imagined what their voices would be like, you know you have! Tucker, the curly-haired Golden Doodle would have a laid back surfer-like voice, and Molly the Teacup Yorkie would have a posh accent, if she could speak.

Working at dog daycare Toronto, we have all kinds of different conversations with our canine friends. Our dogs actually are speaking back to us all the time with their body language. They are giving us all sorts of useful information that, if we’re paying attention to, can give us valuable insight into what’s going on with them. They are always communicating their emotional state and intentions through facial expressions and body postures.

What is My Dog’s Body Language Saying?

We came across this handy infographic that illustrates a variety of these expressions and postures that can allow us to decipher some of our dog’s most important messages.

Have a look at some common dog body language poses, starring Boogie the Boston Terrier:



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