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June 2017

Plan the Perfect Camping Trip with Your Dog

Jun 2, 2017 2:00 PM

camping scene with tent, backpack, trees and border collie dog in the foreground

Camping trips are great summer time fun and there is no greater pleasure than spending it with your best friend!

While dogs love the great outdoors, a little preparation will go a long way to ensure they have as much fun as you do on your next adventure.

Here are our top 7 tips for camping with your dog:

1. Try to Keep Things on Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit, especially when it comes to feeding and walks. When you’re away remember he will be anticipating a similar routine, and will feel secure if that structure is in place while you’re on your trip. Try to stay on time with meal, and any medications you dog may be on.

2. Keep Things Familiar

New surroundings can be overwhelming and sometimes frightening for dogs. Help alleviate this stress by packing familiar things. Bring along their beds if they have one, or a couple of toys so that they can adjust to the new environment and feel more at home.

3. Bring Proper Leashes and Tie-up Screws

Most dog-friendly campsite require that you keep your dog on leash while on site and within the camp grounds. Pack their regular leash for walks, but also a longer one for while you’re hanging out at the campsite. Secure the leash with a metal tie-up steak so you’re not relying what ever is nearby. With so many distractions (squirrel!) it’s best to play it safe.

4. Be Prepared to Give Fido a Bath

Dogs get a little more dirty and smellier than usual while camping with all the opportunities to dig, roll and swim. A small bottle of biodegradable dog shampoo can make your pooch ready to snuggle up with you in your tent at the end of the day. And pack a couple of extra towels too.

5. Bring Extra Food

Make sure to pack enough food for the entire trip and maybe a couple days extra just in case. Don’t forget to keep an extra watchful eye for anything that they could get into at your campsite, or your neighbours for that matter! Avoid These Common Toxic Foods for Your Dog.

6. Reduce Travel Stress

Some dogs love being in the car. It’s a chance to take in all the new smells, let their tongues hang out and feel the breeze in their fur.

Others find it stressful making it hard on both them, and us. If your dog is more inclined to stress in the car, follow the steps outlined in Tips for Driving With A Stressed Dog.

7. Safety First!

Bring along a doggie first aid kit so that you will be prepared while on the road. It’s also a good idea to have things like a safety light, bear bell, bug repellent and tick safety. Here's how to protect to dog from lyme disease. Finally, make sure they have their current identification and registration on their collars.

We hope these tips will make for more enjoyable Summer adventures with your dogs.

Ps. Don’t forget the poop bags!



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