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March 2016

Tips For Driving With A Stressed Dog

Mar 19, 2016 5:00 AM

Title Image - Tips for Driving with a Stressed Dog - Black Car with Dog Riding Inside

Does your dog stress?

If you've chosen to take your dog on a trip, instead of looking for dog boarding Toronto, well, then, sometimes dogs stress in cars. They drool and salivate. They pant. They howl. They even throw up. It’s not fun – if you’ve had the experience, we don’t need to tell you how not fun it truly is. Of course, it’s not fun for a dog either.

Check out the tips here to get your dog over negative feelings about the automobile. After all, it’s almost road trip season.

More often than not, it’s a mental obstacle rather than a physiological one.

1. Take your dog to the car before a walk.

2. Lift him up in to the car. Be gentle. Put Rover on the back seat. Close the door.

3. Get into the driver seat.

4. Then . . . don’t do anything.

5. Just sit there.

6. After three minutes, climb out and get your furry buddy.

7. If you’re going to treat him, do it before you lift him out.

8. Now go on a fun walk.

9. Do this a few days in a row.

10. The neighbours will think you’ve lost it. That’s ok. They probably do goofy things to.

11. On the third or fourth day, do the same thing. This time start the engine. Repeat the other steps.

12. Do the same again the next day.

13. The day after, turn on the engine and the radio.

14. You get the picture, build up stimuli. Don’t go anywhere for a while. Make a positive association with a treat and a walk.

15. When you first go on a drive with your concerned companion, make it a short one. And end it at the dog park or ravine – somewhere he likes.

Pretty soon your pup’ll be chauffeuring you.



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