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Weekend adventure
Dog Walks  

We can give your favourite dog a regular hour-long on the weekend.

Or we can do a weekend adventure dog walk! Three hours of excursion, play, swim or exploring! Ask us about it!

Everyone needs an expedition. A sense of adventure isn’t exclusive to people. Dogs crave it, too.

That’s why dogs love our Expedition Walks.

The warmer weather is a great time to take your dog on trail walks and ravines
in and around town. But I know as well as anyone that it can also be a time when
weekends get busy with other great things.

Sometimes you can feel a bit guilty on those days when you’re caught between
a really great walk with your dog and going to that concert, festival, fair, patio, game, or show.

If you think one or two of those occasions may pop up—or you just like the idea
of your dog going on extra long walks in new and interesting locations, playing
goofy games along the way—book a Weekend Expedition Walk.

A special treat on Saturdays and Sundays. Call us or email us for
more information.

Check out our weekend expedition dog walking rates.

If you’re looking for a shorter weekend dog walk, try out our regular
weekend walks.

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