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You don’t want your dog in a kennel—and neither do we.

A Leg Up offers two fun, un-kennel options the next time you travel and can’t bring Rover.

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A Leg Up North

Farms are traditionally places where a lot of work is done—by people and animals. So, maybe this is more like a chilled-out cottage.

Where is it?

A Leg Up North sits on beautiful rolling acreage near Scugog.

What’s the deal?

Just like our HOME-STYLE boarding, the dogs generally aren’t crated—unless that’s what you’d prefer if it’s the practice at home and you'd prefer it.  The dogs have an enormous private fenced-in park of their own during the day that's right off their communal quarters. They can come in and out duting the day as the weather and their energy dictates. A well-heeled staff keeps them active and comfortable. Trails abound on the property, too - as well as a pond, for those who are aquatically inclined. They’ll come home happy and exhausted.

What will my dog eat?

You provide the food along with any of specific treats you'd like your pup to have. (Bones and rawhide aren't advised.)

How does my dog get there?

That’s the other beautiful part. We pick up. And we’ll drop off. Right from your home and back again. When you call to book, we’ll arrange the pick-up time and drop-off time. If you’re not going to be home, A Leg Up can easily arrange to keep a key.

How do I book?

Just call us. Or email us. If we haven’t already met your dog, we’ll schedule a consultation here at our office so that we do. This helps us assess your pet is non-aggressive and that his/her personality, needs, and energy level to assure the very best stay possible.

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