Booking Dog Daycare

What sort of dogs will Daisy be hanging out with at dog daycare?

Your dog will be placed with a balanced group of dogs. While we don’t necessarily put all the labs together and all the spaniels together, we ensure that the mix is right in terms of personality and energy level. Just as we arrange dogs for boarding or group walks, we are careful that there is a considered balance in the daycare groups for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

How do you book?

Before we accept any bookings, we will hold a free pet consultation. This gives you an opportunity to meet us and us to meet you as well as to answer any questions you may have.

We’ll go through details such as normal daily exercise, feeding requirements, health, contacts, phobias, personality and your special requests. This is the first key to us to providing the highest level of care.

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A Leg Up Toronto Dog Daycare

There are days when you just know you can’t give your dog the attention he
(or she) deserves, even before you leave for work. For those days—or weeks
—there’s us. The place (now places) clients have called the greatest Toronto
dog daycare. Drop off your dog in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon
or early evening.

If you prefer, we can even pick your dog up from home and bring him or her
to whichever A Leg Up dog daycare is closest to you. When the day is over,
we'll return your pup back home.

She’ll have had fun, playing, chilling and socializing in 1 of 4 spaces within
our 4,000 square foot Annex facility—or in 1 of our 3 Canadiana-themed
doggy daycare spaces (the "Rink", the "Cottage", the "Lake"—compete with
pool) in our 3,000 square foot Leslieville space.

Our Way

Because we like to do things our own way, our dog daycare has a splash
of educational element to it. Designed by our Animal Behavioural College
accredited trainer, the dogs are run through various routines and games
at various points through the day. The result—dogs who behave better
while they’re with us and a dog who is that much more responsive when
he comes home to you.

Some would say it’s a bit like sending your favourite canine to school.
That makes us wrinkle our noses a touch. We prefer to think it’s more
like dog day camp—in Toronto.

What Sort of Dog is Right for Dog Daycare?

We have all manners of dogs in either of A Leg Up's daycares every day.
Pint-size terriers and giant Newfs have all graced A Leg Up. And dogs
of high, medium and low energy are all welcome. You've probably already
read that before joining our daycare, every client and dog must have
a consultation to ensure that the service is right for the dog. We'll gather
a great deal of information about your dog, his preferences, peculiarities,
medical history and more. All of this enables us to determine which space
will suit each dog and provide a fun environment every time.

Learn More About Dog Daycare

Getting Out

Dogs have needs. Bathroom needs. We won’t get into them here—we’re pretty sure you’re quite familiar. But in observation of this inescapable fact, we take the dogs out for bathroom breaks during the day. That way they get some outdoor time, and it ensures that they don’t learn that going inside is a good routine—with us or at home.

Snack n' Sleep

If your dog needs a snooze during the day, we’ll be sure she gets the time and space. And if there’s a hankering for a midday snack, that’s great too. She can chomp or chew on one you’ve provided or a special treat we serve up ourselves.

Our Staff

Each one of our doggy daycare staff receives unsurpassed professional training overseen by our Animal Behaviour College-accredited dog trainer. Every dog daycare attendant follows the same protocols and policies. They'll also learn about dog behaviour, postures and body-language to assure the comfort and safety of the dogs they take care of as well as ones they may pass on the street.
We're bonded and insured. A Leg Up's full admin team is here to ensure that you get the best service possible. Check in on your dog whether you're away for the day or overnight. Book or cancel a dog daycare schedule by 5pm the day before.

Dog Daycare Profile

Our software keeps us up to date with every detail on each pet's profile, producing a synopsis for our pet care professionals, and dovetailing with our scheduling software. We update it as your dogs grow, age, change and flourish. We even keep a back-up database.

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