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Sure, we’re a better dog walking company, for better dogs. But let’s start with what dog walking should do for your pet.


Just like humans, a dog’s mind must be kept active to be healthy 
and happy. Regular daytime activity provides mental stimulation. Along with the emotional benefits, 
there are the undeniable physical benefits. Even aging pets should be kept as agile and fit as possible—
but they may not be inclined to exercise without encouragement.


Dogs are social animals.
They should be encouraged from a young age to 
greet and interact with other dogs and people. If a dog doesn’t have the opportunity to socialize, it can’t be expected to 
interact appropriately.

Prevention of Behavioural Problems

A minimum of two walks daily help 
prevent elimination problems, destructiveness, separation anxiety and 
other common behaviour issues.

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How many times will we walk your dog?

You decide. If you’d like your dog walked in a regular group, with the same dogs each day, the minimum will be three times a week. That’s with our Frequent Walker program . If you’ll only require walks every once in a while, that’s fine too. That’d be our On Command program .

Where will your dog be walked?

It depends to a degree on the area you live in, of course. But we like 
to vary the locations to give them the opportunity of exploration and 
change. Dogs can go on leash or off leash depending on your wants 
and the dogs’ recall levels. We’ll take into consideration various factors 
such as traffic, weather, park conditions and which other dogs may be 
at a given place at a certain time.

How long does a group walk last?

A walk lasts approximately an hour. In the few cases a year that the temperature rises or drops to an unsafe degree, we will truncate the walks. You’ll find that our rates are comparable to or lower than many companies that offer much shorter walks.

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Booking Dog Walking Services

Will your dog be walked with others like him/her?

Yes. We make sure that the personalities within the group are compatible. Of course this doesn’t mean that dogs are grouped by breed or size. Temperament and activity are much more important. No aggressive dogs are taken on group walks.

How do you book?

Before we accept any bookings, we will hold a free pet consultation. This gives you an opportunity to meet us and us to meet you as well as to answer any questions you may have. We’ll go through details such as normal daily exercise, feeding requirements, health, contacts, phobias, personality and your special requests. This is the first key to us to providing the highest level of care.

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