Toronto Puppy Visits

Before your puppy has all of the necessary inoculations, we offer puppy visits instead of the walking program.

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Why a puppy visit?

A young pup can suffer from two things—separation anxiety and a small bladder. The visits ease both issues. By providing a regular, reliable schedule for your puppies, they are better prepared to be effectively house/crate-trained and are less likely to display the typical symptoms of separation anxiety.

What does separation anxiety lead to?

In a nutshell, all the negative traits dog owners want to avoid—destructive behavior, unhealthy chewing and excessive barking and yelping.

What happens on a puppy visit?

We’ll ensure your puppy has a bathroom break and gets exercise. We’ll also help out with basic training, clean any accidents that may have happened and do any feeding needed.

What age dog is suitable for this service?

We recommend the visits for young pups under 4 months old. After that, advise graduation to a group walk where your puppy can benefit from socialization and increased exercise.


Will my puppy be out with other dogs?

No. Puppy visits are one-on-one. Because of the sensitive nature of puppies and the 3-4month period before they have all of their immunizations, we visit puppies without the accompaniment of other dogs.

When will my puppy be visited?

We do our best to work around your schedule. To begin, with very young puppies, we’ll start with two visits a day, tapering to one a day as your puppy grows and bladder capacity increases.

How long is a visit?

Puppy visits last half an hour.

What do I do if I want to book?

Before we accept any bookings we hold a free consultation in your home and at your convenience. This gives you an opportunity to meet us and us to meet you as well as to answer any questions you may have. We will go through everything from scheduling to normal daily exercise, spots for your pup’s bathroom duties, feeding requirements, and your special requests. This will allow us to provide the highest level of care in your absence.

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