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High 5 Promise


It’s in our bones. Our history has granted us with literally
lifetimes of experience.


  • Nearly a Century in Dog-Years being in business
  • Over 250 000 dog walks
  • Cared for 96 breeds
  • Pets from 2.5oz to 220lbs, and from timid to rambuctious
  • 1000’s of litter boxes cleaned
  • Pets from 5 weeks old to old enough to lie about their age




We learn more every day. Our staff receives not only the best
initial training, but unparalleled ongoing training.

  • Staff receive written and practical training
  • Staff tested for proficiency
  • Alpha leadership and balance approach
  • Socialization and body language
  • Techniques and safety
  • K9 IQ OMG



Leave your pet with us, and we’ll leave you with peace of mind.

  • Bonded and insured
  • Staff are police checked
  • One central location to ensure each experience is as expected
  • A full staff of administrative, training and managing personnel
  • Journals and reports
  • Thousands of dogs have already sniffed us up and down—be our guest


Flexibility & Convenience

Modern life requires it. So we give it.

  • Reserve your bookings ahead of time
  • Multiple programs to suit your needs without compromise
  • A large, highly trained staff has your booking covered regardless of weather, vacation or illness
  • Consistency
  • We come when you call




When it comes down to it, we’re not unlike your pet.
We just want to please.

  • Thousands of repeat clients tell the tales
  • It’s a well-bred staff—careful selection and organization allows us to go the extra mile (or km)



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