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October 2016

What Our Dogs Are Most Grateful for This Thanksgiving...We Think!?

Oct 7, 2016 4:00 PM

It’s that time of year again and the Pawliday Season is approaching. First up, Thanksgiving, a time when us humans tend to reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives. But what about our furry friends? If we had to guess, we’re sure there is plenty that they are thankful for too!

So without fur-ther ado here are our top 10 things our four-legged friends are likely to be most grateful for this time of year:

1. Sneaky treats under the table

Just remember which foods are not so good, or even toxic for our pups. Check out our list of toxic foods and remind Uncle Jim that some foods are definitely a no-go!

2. A cozy fireplace to curl up in front of

Chances are this is something most of us humans are grateful for too. Is there anything better on a cold and stormy evening!?

3. More days you are at home during the holidays

Everyone wins when it comes to days off, make sure to enjoy the time off with your furry friend.

4. That pile of leaves to romp through

You know they just can’t help it, they have to run wild through that perfectly piled bunch of leaves which usually results in us having to re-rake the lawn, but it was worth it, right!

5. Delicious new smells and things to inspect everywhere

With all of that cooking happening, our furry friends are bound to be loitering in the kitchen, waiting for that opportune moment to catch some crumbs. They’re probably also thinking, “who’s new shoes are those at the door, must take at least one for inspection!”

6. A chance to show off when company arrives

Again, this one could go both ways. As proud owners we’re always keen to display our exemplary training and obedience skills, and our reward-seeking hounds are likely to be just as keen, and grateful for the extra attention.

7. Long walks in the crisp cool air

There’s nothing like that fresh, crisp air and dog walking in those long afternoons. Especially when the sun sticks around and you stop somewhere for a pumpkin spice something or other treat!

8. Extra belly rubs

Holiday visitors are guests inevitably mean more belly rubs! “Okay, how about I just lay here and you rub my belly for the whole evening, sound like a plan?”

9. That warm sweater you left out to snuggle up in when you leave

Sound familiar? You come home to find that your pup has been enjoying that cozy sweater just a smuch as you. It’s hard to be mad though when they look that cute, time to snap a pic for Instagram!

10. Winter socks to chew

It’s a classic one that all dogs are happy about and thankful for all year round really. We’re guessing the winter socks are the best though, more to sink their teeth into, shake side to side and toss in the air. We know when just one sock disappears it has to come down to either the hungry dryer, or Rover.



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